Earn Extra Money Start Your Own Avon Business  

What Our Business Opportunity Has to Offer You

When you become an Avon Independent Representative you Become your own Boss. You run your own Business. You get

additional discounts for yourself and your family? All the offers change every three weeks with a new printed brochure.

No Initial start-up fees and your earnings of 20% - 25%. You work the hours to suite yourself in your own area.


You meet new people working for yourself. Even if you have got a busy lifestyle? You can Choose your own hours

and fit your Avon around your other commitments. Got a bit more time? Rounds available near to your home for you

to show a brochure to the customers living on those roads. FREE carrier network deliveries to your door and

returns taken back. Ever thought of selling via PARTY PLAN. ALL this with full background support team

support network. Want to get going? With Avon you can START IMMEDIATELY.            

                                                                                        Why Work with Avon Cosmetics      

Got a bit more time to spare? Ask us about territory availability close to your home. This is when you are given designated

roads near to where you live  to serve the customers who live there. What a great way to meet and make new friends

and make some money at the same time! You can become a sales leader and Earn Even More Money!   


Party Plan:  Do you want to meet more people and earn at the same time? Have an Avon Party! ! Sales Leader Workshops are

held to train you how to build  a successful team if indeed you wish to take selling Avon cosmetics to a higher level on

Avon's Career Ladder, and with the support you will get from your Sales Leader you will learn so much more!


We can assure you of on-the-spot advice and guidance with particular regard to Party Plan. Be  trained by the AVON National

Training team as a recognised Beauty Advisor for Avon Cosmetics U.K. , they do organise and front training workshops to

this end. How much closer can you get to dedicated information and advice?  

Join Our Team Now!  You will Receive Free Help, Advice and Support in all stages of your business.                


So why not join us right now ! Click on join our team now above or click on apply now on the

right hand side of this page. Avon is a well established company just recently celebrating

125 years. Women Love Avon. But do not make the mistake that Avon is just for women.


Avon manufacture a wide choice of products  for both men  and women.

Whether male or female you can start and succeed in your own Avon Business !

If you are 18 years or older and are ready to become self employed then join us Right Now!

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